Using Twitter to Find The #ProspectsOfYourDreams

If you are over 40 you may not be fully embracing the magical world of hashtags. Here is an easy way to think about how to use hashtags: #GuessWhatIKnowThatIWantYouToKnow. For those of us born before 1975, it can be a bit disconcerting to share a #, aka, hashtag, in the middle of an #AreYouReadingThis, sentence. But, when you use hashtags, you improve the odds that someone with whom you want to be communicating finds your posts #YourTeamJustWonBigGame that can help you #FindARecruit.

Hashtags make it easier to search for Tweets that have value for you #BeastDE. If you search for those hashtags you will have a list of posts related to that particular subject. Search Twitter for #widereceiver, for example, and you will be able to read up on known and unknown prospects.

Twitter also has a product called TweetDeck that can be used as a way to consolidate searches and get automated updates. Hashtags can be topic-related or more philosophical (#PLAYTOWIN) in nature and you can include more than one hashtag in a message to further emphasize your message.

When in doubt, ask a millennial to help you with some hashtags #millenials, will, by the way, give you enough reading material for the rest of 2016. #HappyTweeting.