History of CSD

Founded in 1991, Collegiate Sports Data was started by a former football coach and a techie to deliver reliable information on the best prospects in high school football to the college programs around the country.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, we're an NCAA-approved scouting service that evaluates and endorses high school athletes for college-level football recruitment.

We communicate regularly with the more than 15,000 high schools across the country to create and maintain an up-to-date, user-friendly and searchable resource filled with high-quality data. Every year we identify thousands of high school players as coach-vetted and ranked college prospects. We've created recruiting solutions for hundreds of college football programs nationwide and we’re ready to build one for your program.

Our Services

Through a combination of athlete and coach-sourced data, we regularly analyze and vet all information in our database to ensure that the stats presented to college recruiters are legitimate and sound. This information is accessed through exclusive login systems that allow our college coaches and scouts to view and organize data, and our athletes to update any relevant contact information so you can get the right players in the right seats accordingly.


For students and their parents, CSD is the go-to resource to learn more about the high school football recruiting process. CSD is a platform to gather information and gain exposure as they weigh their options for the next phase of their athletic careers.

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High School Coaches

Without committed and caring coaches, athletes can't succeed. Without high-quality reliable data, coaches can't be effective advocates for their players. High school coaches use CSD to get their most talented players exposure to the colleges where they are most likely to succeed.

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College Coaches

College coaches use the constantly updated, highly-vetted information in the CSD database to identify the players best suited to fill gaps in their rosters. They use CSD to sift through the mountains of data produced by 15,000 high school programs and isolate only the coach-endorsed potential recruits that fit their criteria.

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Our Team

Becky Sharpe
Becky Sharpe

Becky Sharpe LinkedIn

Position: CEO

Favorite Team: A comeback team!

Becky grew up loving sports and competition in Nashville, TN. She graduated from Overton High School and attended Vanderbilt University where she studied German and French and her MBA in international marketing. Becky loves athletics, cooking and helping people. She is a big sister with Big Brothers Big Sisters and has three children. She and her husband have been married for 28 years.

Joleyn Smithing

Joleyn Smithing LinkedIn

Position: President

Favorite Team: Green Bay Packers

Joleyn is a Wisconsin native, Ice Bowl baby and a Packer Backer for life. She graduated from Lakeland Union High School in Minocqua, Wisconsin and played volleyball at University of Wisconsin Stout. She has enjoyed living in Nashville with her husband and 4 children for the past 23 years and is still adjusting to watching football games in 90 degree heat.

Joleyn Smithing

Derek Williams

Position: Director of Scouting

Favorite Team: The one that has the most Florida players on it!

Derek comes to CSD from SunshinePreps. Sixteen years ago Derek created a free video network for high school coaches and prospects across the state of Florida as a way to generate scholarship opportunities. He has worked with college coaches and players at all levels and with many NFL prospects and Heisman Trophy winners nationwide!

Larry DeVooght

Larry DeVooght

Position: Director of Recruiting

Favorite Team: San Francisco 49ers

Larry was born on the West Coast and received his PhD. in Religious Philosophy from New Covenant University and has been working for CSD in both sales and operations for the past 3 years. Larry brings a wealth of experience with his extensive sales and customer service experience of over 20+ years. Larry is married and loves to root for the underdog.

Larry DeVooght
Joe Kirsch
Joe Kirsch

Joe Kirsch

Position: CTO

Favorite Team: Cornell Big Red (where his son plays!)

Joe grew up on a farm in Iowa and played high school basketball and football. Joe was a 4A high school football coach in Washington state for 5+ years and has been involved in the recruiting process as a player, parent and high school coach. Joe is the CTO for CSD and the CEO for WatchGameFilm.com (a service that manages game film for sports teams). Joe also holds a design patent for sports technology for inventing a facemask camera that can be used in full contact play. Joe has two kids, Harley and Mia, and he and his wife currently reside in Redmond, Washington.

Ralph Garcia

Ralph Garcia

Call Center Manager

Favorite Team: New York Giants

Ralph started at CSD for the Fall Blitz of 2015 and quickly worked his way into the role of Call Center Manager. He has over 40 years in customer service and the experience allows him to reach out, relate and give our customers the satisfaction they expect from CSD. Ralph gets great pleasure helping CSD make a difference in the lives of young student football players across the country.

 Ralph Garcia