What We Do

We work as a strategic partner with colleges, high school coaches and the high school athletes who are the future of their football programs. We don't speculate. We don't infer. We gather, filter, vet and update critical data, and present it in a searchable, user-friendly format. We were building databases before the Internet made searching easy. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we're serious about our work — we love this stuff! We're proud that athletes and high school coaches trust us and rely on us as much as the football-scouting professionals who recruit them.

College Coaches

College coaches trust CSD for one reason above all others: accuracy. We've proven to coaches that they can put their confidence in our information. Our database is meticulously vetted and reviewed, and scouts and high school coaches confirm our findings. We continuously update, analyze and filter our data, which means college football coaches can access it in real time, confident that the version they're seeing is the most recent.

Algorithms don't sort our data. We're a people-driven service. Coaches can always reach out to the supportive CSD team for help or to get answers to any questions they may have. The format is customizable, which means that the right athletes are positioned in the best places. Coaches can work with CSD to build programs that will work in the real world.

All a college football coach has to do is reach out to a CSD team member through the contact page. Within a week, someone will be in touch to help you set up an account. With an account, you'll immediately have access to high quality data that is vetted and confirmed by CSD scouts and trusted high school coaches.

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High School Coaches

There are few things that make a high school football coach feel more proud and worthwhile than watching a player he developed continue on to a successful career in college.

At CSD, we also like watching young athletes go on to thrive in college. Here's how we can make it happen together.

CSD can give coaches insight and advice for supporting athletes through the recruiting process, as well as advice for having tough conversations with athletes and their parents. We can assist high-school football coaches in developing strategies for helping parents play important supporting roles.

When coaches gather information from their athletes, they increase the chance that they'll be considered for opportunities in a college program. They can expand these opportunities and increase the likelihood of recruitment by leveraging the network of relationships available through CSD.

High school coaches are the backbone of CSD. The database depends on the athlete information they enter. When coaches enter information into the CSD database, it is critical that the data is clean and accurate. Since our users rely on our information to be factual and unbiased, we obsess over accuracy. The more accurate the data a coach enters, the more likely it is the student will get recruited. Misrepresentations or exaggerations never help players. Clean data, on the other hand, builds realistic expectations for athletes among the coaches and scouts who are examining them as potential recruits.

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In college, the stakes are raised. The competition is ferocious and the potential rewards are limitless. Even the best athlete in the world needs an unbiased, accountable, reliable partner with decades of experience to help ease the transition from successful high school football player to successful college football player.

That's us.

CSD is a resource that provides credible, up-to-date information, which athletes can use to inform and streamline their decision-making process. Our data helps them understand the nuances of the world of recruiting. They can get advice from other recruits and gain valuable, real-world insight on how to get recruited for high-school football. CSD provides interesting news from experts and professionals, and offers granular information on colleges, which athletes can use to steer their decisions.

Are you a high school athlete who wants to benefit from our database? Start by telling your coach that you're interested in recruitment. We communicate with every high school program in our country, so your coach will have our contact information. Your coach will then upload your information into the database and put you in touch with us. CSD will then issue you a unique login credential and give you a link, which you can then use to access and update your information.

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For athletes, success starts at home. You are your student/athlete's biggest advocate, strongest supporter and the one who has invested the most in his future success, health and safety. He is about to leave the familiarity and security of his high school team for a high-stakes, highly competitive college recruiting process that can be overwhelming, confusing and intimidating. We provide unbiased information that provides clarity and insight into the process, all of which is free. we're not affiliated with or influenced by any school or program.

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