Want To Impress Your Coach? Follow These 5 Tips!

You all want to be the best football player out there. You want to be the star of the team and more. Commitment, dedication and being one of the hardest workers will get you a lot of attention.

There are 5 steps to showing coaches your excellent work ethic:

  1. Ask – work with your head coach and other coaches on the staff to help develop your skills. Tell them you want to improve your technique and weaknesses early in your high school career. Have your skill sets evaluated by more than one coach to get a different set of eyes to help with your evaluation process.
  2. Learn – take the time to look at film and study the playbook. Make notes and review them.
  3. Repeat – work on your routine and then repeat it over and over to perfect your craft.
  4. Study – You can be the fastest runner or the best pass receiver. None of that will matter without getting the grades. The more aware you are of the importance of meeting the academic standards of your target college, the better your chances are at getting a look.

Surround yourself with positive influences who will keep pushing you to excel on the field and in the classroom. Remember that being recruited to play college football is a privilege, and it takes hard work to achieve success. You must be willing to make the sacrifices necessary if you wish to play college ball and beyond. Oh yes, and have fun!