Will That Top Coach See Your Profile? Why You Should Pick a Scouting Service That Knows How to Communicate

How many times has a parent, coach or teacher told you to get off your phone? As a millennial, you were probably thinking, “What’s the big deal?!” Why doesn’t everyone get it? As normal as instant messaging and social media might be for you, for others, that form of communication is confusing or frustrating. But does those people just have to suck it up and get with the times? Well, when it comes to football scouting, the answer is no. Here’s why:

The Changing World of Football Scouting

What started as a pen and paper industry has dynamically shifted to a highly technological and innovative eco-system. Data collection has become faster, easier and highly automated, and football scouting is no exception. In an industry where access to statistics, images, video sourcing and communication across the country is critical, your scouting service’s ability to integrate these tools seamlessly can directly affect whether or not you get scouted.

But that doesn’t mean that good old fashioned forms of communication have gone extinct.

Connecting In Different Ways: Playing to the Individual’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Think about all the individuals who play a role in your success: coaches, parents, college recruiters. Not every one of them will be ultra-connected to his or her smartphone – and that’s why it’s important that your scouting service is willing to communicate with them according to their preferences.

For example, one coach might be totally comfortable texting, whereas another may prefer a traditional phone call. Scouts need to have flexible and fluent communication styles to satisfy everyone in the scouting process. And that means the material they offer should be available in both digital and print forms.

A scouting company that communicates with you on your terms, and with others on their terms is critical in making the most of the recruitment process. It means you’ll get greater exposure, because you won’t be limited to just the individuals who use the app, or just the individuals who do research online.

Technology is a huge part of recruiting today – but it’s not the only part. Ask your scouting service about how they communicate, and make sure they use both new school and old school methods. When your scouting service has all the bases covered, all the right college recruiters have access to your data – whether they want to see it online or read it on paper or talk about it over the phone.